I have always had a great love for babies and a wonderment of all that surrounds childbirth, possibly because I am the youngest of 4 children so I never had the chance to experience pregnancy and birth by watching my Mom go through it. It was an intriguing mystery to me during my childhood.

My desire to learn more was increased when I was given the opportunity to do a placement at a hospital where I assisted the staff with many of their non-medical duties. After building relationships with the doctors and nurses I worked alongside each day, I was invited to support a number of women during their experience of labour and delivery. It was awesome! This experience answered many questions I had about pregnancy and childbirth but it also began to develop something within me that I would later recognize to be one of my deepest passions.

In the years that followed, I continued to educate myself while I provided support to family and friends. My husband and I were blessed with the birth of our first son in the summer of 2003. Although I was extremely ill throughout my pregnancy and my birth experience was far from ideal, it provided me with a better understanding of the needs of expectant/new mothers and their partners. This new understanding prompted me to begin working toward developing myself as a Childbirth Professional. I set out to develop a business that would not only support expectant and new parents but also encourage families, and the community as a whole, toward balanced, informed and healthy lives. In early 2008, our family grew with the birth of our second son.

Being able to live out my passion is a joy that is too profound to express with words. Pursuing this dream would not be possible without the constant love, support and encouragement I receive from the three most important people in my life; my husband and two sons.They inspire me to live fully and love completely and I am forever grateful for the gift they are to me!